• Mrs Lownie (Principal Teacher (Subject))

A little about me:- I joined the CDT team at Queen Anne High School in August 2004.  During that time I have taught and enjoyed all subject areas that the department offers from S1 to S6.  As a pupil and as a student my ‘specialist’ area was Technological Studies but as I have developed as a teacher and experienced more, I now favour the design and graphics areas of the courses – possibly due to their dynamic and creative nature.  For the past 11 years I have specialised in Graphic Communication at senior level using my SQA experience to raise attainment and push the boundaries of the subject. In 2010 I became head of department on a temporary basis, and in 2011 took on the post on a full time capacity.

As the department covers a range of subjects and topics narrowing down influences that have inspired or influenced my thoughts and views is difficult, but here are a few;
  • Modern architecture that combines natural and engineering materials
  • Contrasting factors of Memphis and Bauhaus
  • Antonio Gaudi
  • Julian Opie
  • Charles Rennie Mackintosh
  • Mr Surgey (Teacher)

A little about me:- I’ve been with the department since 2006 teaching and enjoying the full range of department subjects. Within the school I am involved with the The STEM project as well as the Web Development Team.

There are many influences on me as a teacher; as an engineer my hero is Isambard Kingdom Brunel, with a nod towards Leonardo da Vinci. From a design perspective it’s Art Deco, Memphis and Architecture.


  • Mr Henderson (Teacher)

A little about me:- I have been teaching for the 5 years and joined Queen Anne in 2012. Along with development in the department I am involved with the Learning and Teaching committee, the Literacy Group and the S4 Football.

My interests within the department are 3D modelling, the use of ICT in the classroom and using anything I can find to make something with in the workshop. Influences for me are James Dyson, Philippe Starck and I’m a sucker for anything Apple.


  • Miss Mason (Teacher)

A little about me:- I graduated from Edinburgh University after studying BEd Design and Technology in 2006. I completed my probationer year in Shetland, moving next to Helensburgh and returning to Fife in 2011.

I enjoy both watching Rugby and played Second Row for Kirkcaldy ladies. Due to a recurring injury, I no longer play but am still involved and keen to encourage the girls youth team within Fife. I also enjoy Water skiing, Kayaking, Skiing, Music, Singing and Performing.
My influences are Art Nouveau, Celtic design, Rene Lalique and Charles Rennie Mackintosh.
  • Miss Ireland (Teacher)

A little about me:- I studies Architecture at the University of Dundee then went onto study Technological Education at The University of Glasgow. I Graduated with A BtechEd degree and successfully completed my probation year at St Andrews high School in Kirkcaldy. This is my second year of teaching and so far it is a fantastic job with so many opportunities.

I enjoy musical theatre and perform regularly with two companies- KAOS and KGASS. I play both lead roles and chorus numbers but both are as rewarding as each other. I also enjoying swimming and visit the pool every morning before work. I feel that this is important for both my mental and physical health.

My Interests within the department are Graphic Communication and Design and Manufacture. I specifically enjoy architecture preojects where I get to utilise my skils from architecture school. My main architecture influences are Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright and of course  Zaha Hadid.