S3 Graphic Communication

In S3 Graphic Communication you will study the following topics:

2D Manual Graphics 2D CAD Web Design
3D Manual Graphics 3D CAD 3D Modelling
Marker Rendering Computer rendering Draughtmanship


Graphics pupils learn manual graphic, computer graphic, ICT and creative problem solving skills that are skills for life and transferable across other subjects in school and beyond. The subject also develops project based skills within a real life context.

The 3rd year Graphic Communication course at Queen Anne is a project lead approach that allows pupils to work individually and in groups. Students will apply knowledge and understanding of key graphics and design theories and ideas; understand the relationships between graphics, engineering and the global market; apply skills in manual 2D and 3D graphics; design; ICT; and develop an understanding of the role and impact of graphics and design in changing and influencing our environment and society.

Our 3rd year Graphic Communication course mimics real graphic design scenarios and encourages co-operative and collaborative learning approaches which support and encourage learners to achieve their full potential.

In the ever-changing world of communication this course will make pupils aware of a variety of different graphic methods used to communicate information and ideas. The S3 course delivers key skills required for modern day Graphic Design, Computer Design and 3D Modelling. Due to the course focus on developing transferable skills, it will be of value to many learners, and particularly beneficial to learners considering a career in Graphics, Design, Engineering and Architecture or one of its many branches