S2 Options

For all pupils in S2 from session 2012/13 they will have a choice of “electives” two of which will be presented by CDT staff.

Mr Surgey will offer Creative Digital Media:

This course has been set up to allow the pupils to experience and interact with digital and electronic web-based media.

Pupils will experience a range of media technologies and design: integrating aspects of these with communication/report writing, computer technologies, and creative/visual design.

In experiencing Creative Digital Media pupils will produce a multimedia (snapshot) recording of their education and/or interests. This may include the opportunity to:

  • Photograph/Video events and edit the result
  • Produce an e-folio of their work
  • Interview pupils and staff and produce written reports – newsletter & on-line presence
  • Produce Sound/Pod casts of interviews and events

The aims of this Course are to:

  • provide pupils with a broad introduction to digital media
  • encourage pupils to develop a good work ethic
  • encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own learning and development
  • provide opportunities to develop a range of Core Skills through practical experiences
  • give pupils an introduction to the digital media industry
  • begin to develop project development, production, presentation skills

Mr Batchelor will offer Robotics

This course allows pupils to have hands on experience of digital electronics and control.

Pupils will initially learn the basics of programming a microcontroller. At the heart of the robotic buggies is a microcontroller and they can then use their acquired experience to make the robots do their bidding. They will also learn about planning, reasoning and fault finding.

The exercises are progressively more complex and they have an opportunity to learn;

  • How microcontrollers can work for us;
  • Why microcontrollers are becoming more common;
  • Be able to plan a sequence of events;
  • Use microcontrollers to implement a sequence;
  • Be able to alter that sequence if necessary;
  • Integrate microcontrollers into the real world;
  • Program a robot to be autonomous;
  • Develop strategies for dealing with obstacles; and
  • Program robots to do specific tasks.

The aims of this Course are to:

  • Be more aware of how we can use this emergent technology;
  • Show how really simple microcontrollers are; and
  • Have some fun.